Full Time Vs Part Time MBA Programs

There are a lot of decisions to be made when you decide to get your MBA. You have to determine how much time you have to devote to class time and studying. You have to make arrangements for children and other personal responsibilities so you have a clear schedule that works with your chosen program. You may even have to make some arrangements at work to ensure you can fulfill all obligations of your program while still keeping up with your work responsibilities.

The most important decision you will have to make is the type of MBA program you decide to enter. This comes down to whether you will study full time or part time.

Full Time Study Advantages

The benefit of a full time MBA program is that you can get through the course faster without feeling rushed. Accelerated programs are even faster than a standard full time program, but they also require a very fast paced study that is difficult to keep up with while working or doing other things in life. Those who want to get their MBA at a faster pace without going too fast often opt for a full time study program at a local college or university.

Full Time Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage to studying with a full time program is that you have to devote considerable amounts of time to being in class and keeping up with homework and projects. This can get very complicated for those trying to work full time or take care of their families while studying. Those who are trying to juggle too many responsibilities while going to school full time have a much higher risk of falling behind and potentially failing.

Full time programs may also be more expensive than part time programs, but this really depends on where the programs are being offered.

Part Time Advantages

The advantage to studying for an MBA part time is the ability to keep up with a private and work life without risking failure in school. There is less class time involved in a part time curriculum, so students can spend more time at work and with their families and still make it through their program. These programs require less time commitment without sacrificing anything that would be learned through a full time program.

Part Time Disadvantages

The big disadvantage to studying part time is that it takes longer to complete the program. While less time is needed on a weekly basis, more time is needed over a period of years. Those who need to get their degree to increase their chances of landing a job or getting a promotion may not be able to wait for a part time program to run its course.

There are a lot more part time MBA programs surfacing right now, since more people are pressed for time. The job market has become more difficult over the years, which means those in the business world need higher credentials if they want to be successful. This means there is greater demand for MBA programs by many people who simply cannot invest in full time studies.

For those already working in the business world with a bit of executive experience, the executive MBA may be the best form of a part time program.

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